Our Curriculum

At Bayfield Early Education Centre we realise the importance of the early years in your child's learning, so we have comprehensive learning programmes to cover a wide array of areas to cater for our infants, toddlers and preschoolers. All our children keep their own profile book to record their progress at daycare and these books provide an excellent record for primary school enrolment.

Individual learning includes pre reading and language, early maths and printing skills and our preschoolers will also be encouraged to learn and enjoy working with our computers.






The Virtues Project is an initiative created by Linda Kavelin-Popov, a psychotherapist, her husband Dan Popov, a clinical psychologist and a scholar of the world’s sacred texts, and Linda’s brother John Kavelin a show producer and director with Walt Disney Imagineering.

The Virtues Project was founded to counteract rising violence among young people and families. It is based on the simple wisdom of the world’s different cultures and religions and focuses on living by the best within us – courage, honour, justice and kindness to name a few.

At Bayfield we believe in the transformational effect of the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project on the relationships within the centre, both amongst the staff and between the teachers and children.

The Five Strategies are:

  • Speak the language of the Virtues
  • Recognise teachable moments
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Honour the spirit
  • Offer the art of spiritual companioning


Transition to School Programme

This is offered to the eight oldest children in the preschool in order to give them some specialised learning before they move on to Primary school. It generally occurs after lunch time and usually lasts for around thirty minutes.

This can involve a variety of activities or games such as learning a new virtue for the week, a physically active game or something involving learning about maths, science or literacy development.


Qualified & Caring Staff

It is important that you feel comfortable with those who are taking care of your child. Our staff are warm, responsive, sensitive and consistent. We have your child's needs at heart.

Our policy is to have all staff fully trained or in the process of training to ensure a professional and educational service.

To get to know our amazing staff even better, book a visit to come and meet them in person!